I’m Going on an (Irish) Adventure!

Exciting news: I’m going to Ireland! I’m taking the reins and heading off to the land of fancy for a ten day adventure with the one and only Garrett Hetrick.  We’ve been friends since pre-school, and it’s be great growing up together.  He’s now working for a tech company and moved to Ireland to work in their Cork office training people, and there was NO WAY I was going to pass up this opportunity to 1. See him again, and 2. Visit a place that has always ensnared my fantasy and mystically driven heart.

I’m very grateful I’m going so soon (I leave Friday, September 19th), because I NEED to get away from New York for a while.  I need to be surrounded by green, growing things.  I need a new environment, a new perspective, a myriad of new experiences.  Nature.  I can’t wait to be surrounded by it! I’ll also be there when the Autumnal Equinox is, so you know it’s gunna be a good time 🙂

While I have a rough outline of what I’m going to do, nothing is concretely set – which is exhilarating! I can’t wait to just wander the streets of Dublin, walk across the countryside of Dingle, and touch the ruins from ages past.  I know it will spark my creativity (which has been sorely absent since moving here), and I’m looking forward to finishing my fairy tale.

I will take many pictures, taste many brews, and talk to new people.  I look forward to discovering a new part of myself.  I don’t expect to discover WHO I am, but on any trip, on any adventure, you learn something new.  And if there’s one thing I crave, it’s to continually learn new things – either about myself, or the world, or people as a whole.ITR-PCL-00045299

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2 Responses to I’m Going on an (Irish) Adventure!

  1. That photo is gorgeous! Enjoy your adventure! 😀
    I can’t wait for my turn to go to Ireland 🙂


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