South East Asia


5 Things I Will Not Miss About SEA

Friendship, Friendship, Just the Perfect Blendship

Silly Signs of SEA

Waterfall Adventures

Japanese Food Porn


One Way Ticket

Cellphones, Backpacks, and Following Your Heart

The Inner Workings of Harry Harvey (AKA – What’s in My Pack?)



Stranger in a Strange Land (Where I Met Someone I Knew…)

My Unexpected Detox

Courage (Steal It If You Have To, But Try It)

My Time with the Elephants

Elephant Love

The Dark Truth About Elephant Tourism

Northern Thailand Accommodations

Crazy Horse Crag

Notes About Thailand





When Failure is Looming

Reverie on the Water

Same Same, But Different

Vietnam Retrospective


Cambodia – The Adventure Begins

Phnom Penh Hostel Rundown

The Cambodian Genocide

Angkor Wat – Ta Prohm

Angkor Wat – Prae Roup, Mebon, Ta Som, and Preah Khan

Angkor Wat – Bayon


The Cock, The Pig, and The Snake

Nusa Lembongan

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