A New Look on New Year’s

Ever since moving to New York at 18, I’d fallen into the trap of trying to make every New Year’s Eve as raucous and debaucherous as possible. I had a good run of it, too; New York City in general, and Queen of the Night specifically, were ideal places for just such behavior.

But the older I got, and the more I sought out connection and a fun encounter, the more disappointed I was left. The build up, the hype, the crushing letdown of unmet expectations. It was frustrating, to say the least. Add on top of that I was getting to spend more and more NYEs in different countries and had higher hopes, only to be left sick or alone. I was becoming disillusioned with the whole thing. Continue reading

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Uisga Beatha

Uisga Beatha (pronounced Oosh-kah Bae [Scottish] or Ish–kah Baha [Irish]) is Gaelic for ‘The Water of Life’ and used to describe that liquid golden nectar: Whisky. Why is Uisga Beathe synonymous with Whisky? Well, take your pick; from claims that it cured the common cold, smallpox, and other various ailments, not to mention warming the body against the chill of those harsh Scottish winters, back in the day, distilled liquor was safer than water to drink.

Today, we’re going to look at how this wonderful (and, arguably, healthful!) drink is made.


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In Bruges

The extent of my knowledge about Bruges was that a movie with Colin Farrell had come out some years ago with the same name. No idea what it was about*, but when I got to Belgium and Kim was like, “I’m taking you to Bruges this weekend!” I was all in.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t been to a quintessentially old-school European city in over 10 years, or maybe it’s because I’m an adult now and see and appreciate things through a different perspective, or maybe it’s simple the magic of the city itself, but I was enamored with Bruges from the outset.

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The Pinnacles

One of the last things I did before leaving Wellington was take a day trip with some friends to The Pinnacles – a natural land formation that is quite unique and impressive. Oh yeah, it was also a LotR film site 😉

Iconic as The Dimholt Road (the path Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli traverse to reach the City of the Dead), the Putangirua Pinnacles are located in Cape Palliser, a 2hr drive from Wellington, and well worth a visit on a nice day! These tall, thin earth pillars (hoodoos) were formed by wind and water erosion, and provide a truly dramatic backdrop – no wonder Sir Peter Jackson used them in Return of the King!



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An Unpleasant Surprise at the Festival

I went to the Colorado Renaissance Festival today. The weather was perfect, and I was flying stag – I could spend as much time meandering, browsing, and drinking as I wanted! It would be grand!

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Amsterdam: City of Houseboats and Bicycles

I got to take a spur-of-the-moment trip to Amsterdam, city of houseboats, bicycles, legalized marijuana use, and, oh yeah, prostitution! I was in the city less than 5 minutes before I caught the first pungent whiffs of weed, passed a pot shop, and wandered by a brothel which a business man was just leaving. Nothing like a little lunch break pick-me-up, amiright?

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My Plunge Into Diving

As I had a length of time yet until heading to China, I decided to revisit Thailand – but this time in the South. I headed to Koh Tao, 1. Because it is an island, and I’d yet to see any Thai islands, and 2. Primarily to learn how to dive!

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Oamaru, Mouraki, and Dunedin

Oamaru was a gem of a find – a historic gold-mining and quarrying town renowned for its well-preserved heritage buildings. The Victorian precinct is particularly note-worthy for its Victorian and Industrial Steam themed buildings. In other words, kids, this is a Steampunk town! IMG_0711

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Positivity: A Year In Review

It’s curious how Time seems to pass faster the older I get. I wonder why that is. Could it be because as an adult I don’t live In The Moment like when I was a child – when activities and days seemed to stretch on forever?

I find it interesting my Word for the Year was Positivity, when this year has been one of the most wildly tumultuous years I’ve experienced yet. 27 was definitely NOT the picture perfect, rose coloured life my 11 year old self imagined. But maybe one can gain a better understanding of Positivity when your life is in upheaval; when things don’t go “right” or smoothly or even well at all! Because then what is your basis for Positivity – if everything is always only ever peachy-keen?

The year started in Ireland – sick from the Chinese air and a long haul flight, a veritable battle w/ border control, plunged into an insidiously damp Irish January and circumstances I did not expect. My three month plan working at a seal sanctuary took many turns for the worse (another story for another time) and I immediately found myself questioning what Positivity meant. Was it just putting a happy face on a shitty situation? Was it pushing myself beyond my boundaries in an effort to appease others? Why couldn’t I just DECIDE to be Positive in the face of adverse conditions and circumstances? And it was here that I realized something that would continue with me through the course of Positivity 2018:

Positivity is a Silver Lining.

Honestly, over the many ups and downs this year threw my way, it always kept reinforcing this concept, much to my chagrin. I kept getting (perhaps irrationally so) upset that I was finding myself always looking “on the bright side of life“, or if not exactly the bright side of life in that moment, I would cling to the hope of a brighter future.

I’ve always enjoyed connecting the Dots of Life – seeing how I ended up where I am by looking at what brought me here. The first month in Ireland was an insane time – I was constantly battling myself and my unpleasant situation, and making certain choices were some of the hardest things I have EVER done. BUT – if I hadn’t made those choices, I would never have met some of the most lovely and wonderful people, gained a deeper understanding about self care, come across books I could share with family and friends, created some truly SPECTACULAR memories (coughcoughLATINNIGHTcough), learned about snails, seen wild horses, become closer to some truly special people in my life, or even taken my first wine course (yeah, I know – in Ireland of all places!). Not to mention, the impact I had on the lives of those I encountered, however brief or lasting.

A lot of soul searching has happened this year, from all around Europe and back to the States, and it hasn’t always been pretty. My depression and anxiety sprang to life with a fierce vengeance which, among all the other joys they bring, brought a huge sense of defeat. I’d been doing so well. But this time, something was slightly, but monumentally, different. This time, even in the midst of un-nameable despair, a voice in my heart reminded me that I have had incredible experiences. And that those days WILL come again. And that, my friends, is Positivity.


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Wine Talk: 2014 Barolo Producer Tasting (La Morra, Langhe, Piedmont, Italy)

My tasting at Burzi afforded me not only a chance to try my first proper Barolos outside of a classroom setting, but also yielded precious information about a Barolo producer tasting over the weekend as they rolled out their 2014 vintage.

Taking place at Cantina Comunale di la Morra, 9 producers would be in attendance showcasing 25 wines. Cost: €15. After not being able to make the large tasting back in Amsterdam, I rearranged my schedule to attend this one. If ever I was to get a crash course in tasting Barolo (of which I’d had a grand total of 3: 1 in class and 2 at Burzi [although I did try another Nebbiolo wine there]), this was it.  Continue reading

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