Phnom Penh Hostel Rundown

One Stop Hostel

Price: $7 dorm (female 8 bed)


Breakfast: $2-$2.50

Staff: Very friendly. Lots of options for tours and tickets onwards. They even have a board where you can sign up to share a tuk-tuk to the Killing Fields.


Pros: Free water, locker, and AC. Bathrooms were very clean, and showers included soap and shampoo. Hair dryers and towels also available with a deposit. Outlets, light, and shelf next to every bed. Large cupboard with lock. Good wifi connection. Bed was soft and comfortable, very nice pillow.


Cons: The blanket was on the smaller side, and with the AC on overnight, I got quite chilly.

Opinion: I was very happy, overall, and would definitely stay there again. It was a comfortable, relaxing hostel close to all the major attractions in town.

Happy House

Price: $3 (mixed 10 bed)


Breakfast: $1-$3.50

Staff: Family run establishment, some of whom did not speak any English. But everyone was very friendly.


Pros: This place is very simple – just the basics, but fine if you’re just looking for a place to crash for the night. The bed is large and comfortable, and as there’s no AC (each bed has a fan), the blanket isn’t even necessary. Wifi is decent.

Cons: There is not much security. Doors and windows are open (though on the 3rd floor hopefully you won’t have random strangers walking through), but as there are no mozzie nets, there’s the possibility of creepy crawlies. You also don’t have a storage locker – so better hope your bunkmates are honest!

Bathroom isn’t pretty but it works – no tp provided, however. Only 1 outlet for a room of 10.

Opinion: All in all, you’re paying $3 for a bunk, and it’s a clean one. Wifi works, and a large water is only $.50. It’s definitely nicer than several more expensive places I’ve stayed. A solid super-budget option.

Top Banana


Price: $5 (mixed 8 bed)

Breakfast: $2-$4


Suuuuper yummy breakfast burrito 😀

Pros: 2 bathrooms in the room, each had tp and bum gun. Beds were incredibly comfortable. This place has an amazing vibe – fun, but not overly party party party. They have a proper bar and serve delicious food at affordable prices. It’s within walking distance of S21, as well as some terrific restaurants (Flavors of India and Sunrise Tacos).


Doing my duty for good ol’ US of A on their Banana Bomb Challenge – shot of tequila followed by a shot of banana liquor dropped in Red Bull.

Staff: Very friendly, fun, and outgoing! Every night they have different activities or drink specials. They also have Princess Leah, the resident mama cat, who was a real sweetheart.


Banana Bomb Board

Cons: Water heater didn’t work at all in the shower. Blanket was small and not thick- definitely kept waking up from being too cold from AC. Sunday morning there was a very loud monk procession on the street which woke me up. No wifi in the room was a major annoyance. It’s also a bit far from the main part of town.

Opinion: This was definitely my favorite hostel in PP. The mid-range price, comfortable and clean room, and great bar vibe was right up my alley. They had a nice happy hour every night, good common area, and the cat sold me 🙂

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