Crazy Horse Crag

On this trip I want to push myself into new experiences and adventures, try things that normally I’d avoid, take the plunge and get the blood pumping again.  I decided to get things rolling by going rock climbing – something I hadn’t done since 4th grade, and never on real rocks!

CDMCA is located in Chiang Mai and I got an entire day of climbing Crazy Horse, finished with rappelling into a beautiful cave for about $95.


My Figure 8 Knot


Our first climbing spot. We did three different climbs – 2 “regular” and 1 chimney – that one was super hard! But I did them all. Boom.


Up I go!

Climbing was physically exhausting and absolutely exhilarating! I loved getting my entire body involved and pushing it to new limits. The video below is of the second climb –  a pleasant challenge.


Climbing friends

The third climb was a level higher in difficulty and called a “chimney” – it was much more difficult (basically straight up between two rock walls – serious lack of hand and foot holds) and there was a lot more trying to figure out my path and being confused before simply having to use brute strength. I accomplished things today I’d never thought I could 🙂

Lunch Break. Always making furry friends :)

Lunch Break. Always making furry friends 🙂

After lunch and another climb (this time relatively easy, but very high up – and I was still exhausted from the morning climbs) with a stunning view of the country, it was time to rappel down into the cave!! Cue me singing “Through the Mountain” from Floyd Collins.

Heading 50m down. It was only apropos for me to sing

Heading 50m down

Video and pictures can never capture the splendid beauty of the myriad places I saw, and this cave is no exception. It was breathtaking in person.

In the cave. It was stunning

All in all, a highly successful and invigorating day

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  1. Nancy says:

    What a delightful post! It’s awesome to get to see what you’ve been up to!


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