After spending 4 days at Garrett’s wonderful apartment in Cork, my journey continued with a road trip to Dingle. It was my first experience where the cars are on opposite sides of the road, but thankfully Garrett was at the wheel. I got to sit back, navigate, and soak up the breathtaking countryside views.

We stopped to explore beaches and coves and make new friends along the way 🙂

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We were only in Dingle for a day. It’s a small, quiet village with not a lot going on and only two pubs.  Sitting on the dock, you’re surrounded by water and green hills dotted with sheep. It was so peaceful. One day, when I’m a highly popular writer with advances for my next series of children’s books, I’ll go to Dingle for three months to write and just be.


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1 Response to Dingle

  1. Nancy says:

    Beautiful photos!! And you finally got to ride on a dolphin!


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