A Brief Service Announcement

It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure I proudly present my latest itinerary on this crazy crash-bang, whirlwind adventure of mine…

Monday I’m flying to Shanghai!!! Yes, dear readers, I’ve FINALLY gotten my Chinese visa (blog post coming eventually). After spending nearly a month in Cambodia and two weeks in Thailand, I’m winging my way north. I’ll be spending two days in Shanghai (I get to take a levitating train, guys – A LEVITATING TRAIN!!!), then down to Hangzhou for two days before flying to Chengdu for all sorts of zazzy adventures with my brother and sister-in-law. Due to tight Chinese restrictions, I may be rather incommunicado for the next two-ish weeks or so – maybe I’ll finally beat my social media addiction! (haha. yeah. not likely.)

Direct from their wedding celebrations (literally, that same night), I fly to Ireland just in time to ring in New Year’s Eve Dublin style (definitely hoping to make up for a past NYE regret…wish me luck of the Irish! [pun definitely intended ;)]). The reason I’m heading to Ireland in the middle of winter is because I’ve accepted a short term position at Seal Rescue Ireland. I’ll be spending twelve weeks with them and I can’t express how excited I am – both to be headed back to Ireland and for such an amazing opportunity! After that, who knows, dear friends? Surely not I! But whatever comes along, I bet it’s gunna be pretty darn fantastic…


Ok, this picture has nothing to do with China or Ireland (it’s from Koh Tao, Thailand), but it represents how I’m feeling about my upcoming adventures!!

About juliamenn

Performer. Artist. Author. Lover of food and travel. Animal enthusiast. Avid reader. Globe-trotter.
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