Mizen Head and West Cork

As is the roundabout and fickle unpredictable nature of my travels, I ended up staying for several weeks at a friend’s B+B in West Cork. It was February (re: slow season) 2018, and I was able to make myself useful helping my friend catch up on some behind the scenes office work, organization, and downsizing tasks. Being in this warm, loving space was just what my soul craved, and it was three weeks of much needed healing and growth.


If you are looking for a cozy and utterly delightful stay during your trip to Ireland, I recommend The Lake House B+B most highly. Not only are the rooms well appointed and the view stunning, Susan is a fabulous cook! A gracious hostess, she cheerfully ferried me around to see the local sites. I even got a wee introduction to forest growth and management on a visit to their other property (where the gov’t gives incentives for people to grow trees).



I saw frogspawn for the first time, too! How neat!

Some of my favorite mini-adventures were seeing derelict castles (or is it Derelicte?), the Drombeg Stone Circle (I adore Standing Stones for some reason…), and of course, Mizen Head.



Have I mentioned how much I LOVE castles??


The afternoon at Mizen Head was absolutely stunning. It’s not nearly as touristy as Cliffs of Moher, but it, too, is a gorgeous series of seaside cliffs.



Always use protection to avoid accidents…


During my time in West Cork I also got to experience a Passover Seder – it was an interesting and informative look at a religion about which I know very little. Every item on the table has meaning, which were explained as the evening unfolded, readings and singing took place, as well as specific call-and-response sections. While I am not very religiously minded, I  appreciate a culture based on verbal history and can admire people who hold to traditions, who can be so impacted by their faith.

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For me, give me the rolling hills and green of nature…


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