My Unexpected Detox

After the first 24hrs in Pai, my time here improved significantly.  The second night was spent sitting in the hostel common area chatting with new friends as a storm blew past. Pai Circus Hostel is located higher up than the rest of the town, so we get amazing views of the area.


I’ve spent much of my time here just relaxing – practicing my poi and club skills, eating delicious street food, visiting waterfalls, and reading.  I started reading Dead Sleep by Greg Iles, only to get 200 pages in and realize 100 pages are missing in the middle! Weemp Womp.

It has rained several times since I’ve been here, and to say the least, the Pai Circus Hostel’s rooms are not exactly water-tight. They are going through a major reconstruction period right now, and I think the hut I was in at first is probably their oldest, but just take a look.

But while the huts are somewhat less than water-tight, you don’t stay at Pai Circus for the rooms, but for the people. I have felt so comfortable and at home here – the people are so open and lovely, and the views never get old.  You’re only in your dorm to sleep, anyway.

I don’t mind the rain, and actually find it wonderful to experience so high up – we get completely surrounded, and thunder doesn’t scare me like it used to. The lightening is pretty spectacular, as well.  But the coolest thing I’ve gotten to experience so far was a perfect rainbow! I’ve never seen one this clearly defined or in that type of arch. There was a faint second rainbow surrounding the main one.


Internet has been very spotty and goes out anytime it rains. I’ve actually found the lack of “connection” very nice. We have become so addicted to our devices and “staying in touch”, when it’s just a faux way of interacting.  I’m not saying technology doesn’t have uses (getting to update friends and family easily on my adventures, for example), but it makes me sad to look around and see people eating dinner glued to their phones, completely ignoring those people actually with them in the flesh!

I can relate anxiety over not having a wifi connection to my fear of leaving New York. I was so worried I would miss out on some grand opportunity if I went away. Now that I took the leap and left, I am so glad I did! I’ve met fascinating people and seen places I never would have if I had stayed in NY. Same with technology. If we don’t have an internet connection to check Facebook, we freak out on “all the things we’re missing” by not chatting with our friends every minute and seeing what they’re doing.  But honestly, I checked FB after two days of no connection and nothing had happened. When we finally did get internet again, I was sending a few texts to a friend when someone asked if I wanted to play pool.  I’ve never played pool, and easily could have brushed off his offer, but spending time with people who are actually there with you is so much more enjoyable than waiting by a device for a message back. I played pool and found out I didn’t totally suck 🙂

This is why I didn’t download all the old apps onto my phone – slowly by slowly, I’m attempting to detox my need of the internet.  I think South East Asia is a great place to do that 😉

Just look at some of the things I would’ve missed if my nose was stuck in internet land.


The natural beauty here is extraordinary



Sweet little fellow on the Walking Street

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4 Responses to My Unexpected Detox

  1. It’s great to read that travelling makes you more aware of real social interaction. I had the same when I was travelling, even to such an extend that my parents started to worry if I was still alive (might have overdone it a bit).

    The thing is that after you haven’t used your phone for days, you mostly find out that you didn’t actually miss anything. Unfortunately, after some time in the “real” world, the internet-anxiety got back to me.

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    • juliamenn says:

      I have by no means become immune to it yet – I still find myself reaching for my phone, even though I don’t have FB on it. But constant reminding and lack of actual decent connection will hopefully train me in better habits.

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  2. Emily says:

    Dude. 🙂


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