Courage (Steal It If You Have To, but Try It)

Sometimes I look around and wonder how I got here.  Where did I steal the gumption to up and quit my job and fly to a developing country? And for four months?! I was contemplating this as I looked in the mirror, brushing my teeth as I showered (because bathrooms here are awesome enough you can do all of that at the same time). I’m not sure where I got the courage, but I am so glad I found it somewhere. 


I have gotten to meet so many wonderful people in the three weeks I’ve been here. People with whom I’ve had only a passing encounter; or spent days exploring mountains and natural wonders; watched rainstorms and experienced the beauty of majestic rainbows; couldn’t communicate in words with, but I bought a handmade piece, and when we saw each other days later both our faces lit up and we bowed to each other in joy; little children who inspired stories to flow from my creative conscience once again; sharing the best homemade chai I’ve ever tasted; meditating with strangers as the sun set behind the mountains; being lonely and dragging myself up and out anyway and being blow away by some wonderful experience.


It hasn’t always been easy. Night is often my greatest enemy – overwhelming thoughts and doubts have time to rush in, and I don’t have my furry best friend to hold and purr them away for me. Night is when I miss my boy, my family, my friends, and wonder what the heck I’m doing halfway around the world from them all.  When I find myself feeling this way, I know tomorrow is a new, and probably better, day waiting to be discovered and enjoyed to the fullest.  And I know if I become so miserable this trip is no longer worth it, I can always hop a flight home.

story time with julia

But for now, I’m staying. Because new friends and adventures are just at the light of a new dawn.


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6 Responses to Courage (Steal It If You Have To, but Try It)

  1. Cuz Bill says:

    Dont u dare come home, just get hammered every night. LOL


  2. Fun, adventure, growth, and who knows but what the Lord may give you some direction for the future as well, i.e., you can’t beat it. Enjoy and relish the whole experience. Love you.


  3. Sunny says:

    Yep! So glad you get to do this!


  4. cornishkylie says:

    I came to Thailand for 4 months too, I had the lonely lows (and you are so right – just get up and go out and exploring reminds you why you are there!) and all the doubts and the questions…now I am approaching my 3 year anniversary of living here! The more time I spent here and the less alien it all felt, the less I wanted to leave! Good luck on your adventure!!

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  5. Ro the Chai Walla says:

    Yay! Glad to have a read of your blog Julia, and really lovely to have met you at Shekina Garden.


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