It was a bittersweet day. I was walking across the bridge with little Smudge this morning to try to find his mama when I realized I’d gosh darn gone and gotten attached to the little bugger!


Rule No. 2 – DON’T SLEEP WITH THEM. This builds a mutual bond that slowly creeps up on you, and you suddenly realize your heart is unexpectedly breaking when it’s time to let them go.


I woke up to this face. How could I not fall in love?


He climbed up there all on his own – just like I imagined he would if I kept him and we traveled the world together.

I didn’t find the mother, but I found another cat with some older kittens.  I spent quite a bit of time trying to acquaint them, but there was this horrible little boy who was very rough with the cats. He kept pushing and grabbing them and being a thorough nuisance. There was no way I was leaving sweet Smudge with them!


That face!

One of the people I was traveling with said there was a temple nearby. Knowing Buddhist monks follow certain precepts of kindness and responsibility, I felt confident they would take Smudge.

I wasn’t wrong.  Boon Young was swift to assure me they would take him, and immediately gave him a bowl of fish, broth, and rice. Smudge wasted no time in stepping into the bowl and going to town 🙂


Boon Young and Smudge (stuffing his face 🙂 )


It’s nice the monks seem to like him instead of just tolerating him


Home Sweet Home

My little Smudge,

I didn’t mean to love you. I hope I did the right thing by leaving you with these monks. I hope they feed you properly, as a growing kitty needs. I hope you find someone to snuggle with at night, and make friends to explore with during the day. I am sorry to have to leave you behind. I’m so sorry.

With my trembling heart,

A Lonely New York Girl


About juliamenn

Performer. Artist. Author. Lover of food and travel. Animal enthusiast. Avid reader. Globe-trotter.
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3 Responses to #SmudgeIsSaved

  1. Heidi says:

    You did it!! Congratulations! The pictures are beautiful 🙂 Great choice my friend. Way to keep your heart open!


  2. Awww. So heart breaking. I know it’s so hard to let go! But Smudge will always live in your heart. So awesome of you 🙂


  3. grandpatim21 says:

    You couldn’t have picked a better home for little Smudge or a better name – Well done! :))

    Liked by 1 person

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