I’m in Laos, and have been without wifi access basically since leaving Elephant Nature Park. Let’s just skip ahead to the important parts.

We were walking back to our hostels late last night when we noticed a pack of dogs. They seemed to be fighting over a piece of garbage, but when we got closer we realized they had a baby kitten! The German guy in the group swooped in and broke them up, while I immediately swept the kitten into my hands and held his trembling body against my stomach.

Smudge a few hours after his rescue

Smudge a few hours after his rescue

I cleaned him off as best I could and kept him warm. The German and French couple were able to get fresh yogurt from the Indian restaurant (fresh milk is impossible to find here).  I slept with him wrapped in a blanket against my chest all night, and fed him several times throughout.

Safe and Warm after a terrifying ordeal

Safe and Warm after a terrifying ordeal

I slept very little, but Smudge is doing quite well. He has a voracious appetite and can go to the bathroom on his own. I’m guessing he’s 3-4weeks old.

Hungry, hungry boy!

Hungry, hungry boy!

In his lunch dish :)

In his lunch dish 🙂

I’m really not sure what to do with him. I am going to try to find his mother/siblings tomorrow, but life on the street is tough here for a cat, as Smudge can attest! I feel bad for putting him back in that environment.

If I can’t find his mother, I suppose I’ll stay here in Nong Khiaw for a few days and try to keep him healthy and find someone who will take him in.  There are two gorgeous, well off cats that have taken an interest in him as I write this post – maybe I can find where they live and get him a safe home.

IMG_6336I’ve also thought about bringing him with me. I have no idea what that would entail, or if I could do it under the radar here in SEA. I could also take him back to ENP.

I fed him yogurt last night, beef broth for lunch, and he loved his chicken dinner. Often, animals here simply eat what humans do, but I’m so nervous about messing him up because he is so little.

Guys, I have so many choices – how do I know what’s best for Smudge?

All tuckered out from eating and playing

All tuckered out from eating and playing

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3 Responses to #SaveSmudge

  1. admvagabond says:

    my congratulations for your action, and if Smudge want to live in Portugal is welcome here in my house, and you too if you need some couchsurfing.
    take good care of both of you.

    soul surfer

    Liked by 1 person

  2. grandpatim21 says:

    Jules – I have asked my sister Sally the veterinarian to chime in if she has any advice for you. Also, I’ve decided your new nickname will be Dr. Doolittle. Love you lots, you old softy! :))

    Liked by 1 person

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