Reverie on the Water

I’ve gotten to experience quite a number of wonderful moments on my travels. But tonight was something truly special.


It is my last night in Hoi An, an absolutely beautiful city with which I’ve quite fallen in love.  It was also my last chance to catch the nightly Lantern Festival, so down I walked to the river.


After slowly meandering through the colorful lights and cheerful locals, the distant strain of music led my wandering feet to a boat. I sat on the top deck, sipping a cool glass of Baileys, while listening to some of the best guitar playing I’ve ever heard.


It was like a scene in a movie – that’s how perfect it was. I sat and let my thoughts stray as I watched the lights play on the water, blissfully content in my reverie.


When my feet rustled to head home, I stopped and bought a candle lantern from a sweet, weathered old Vietnamese woman.


I went to the bridge and set it loose on the water with a wish for peace, joy, and happiness.


Sail away, little dream. Sail away.

About juliamenn

Performer. Artist. Author. Lover of food and travel. Animal enthusiast. Avid reader. Globe-trotter.
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1 Response to Reverie on the Water

  1. Nancy Menn says:

    What a magical, memorable night in a town you’ve enjoyed so very much!


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