Same Same, But Different

The more I travel, the more I find myself tickled when I realize how much we are all alike.

Humanity. That strange, fickle beast.

There are good and ill-intentioned people in every country; those who will go out of their way to fleece you or help you get somewhere with no thought of payment.  Whether in a mall in Wisconsin or around a lake in Vietnam, gal pals will power walk to socialize and exercise.


Siblings squabble and take care of each other.


Grandmothers discipline.


Mothers hold their children close and couples across cultures are blissfully in love.


Friendships form in hilltribe villages and in inner city schools.


Good will can be shared across unknown languages with a smile.


These are universal occurrences.

About juliamenn

Performer. Artist. Author. Lover of food and travel. Animal enthusiast. Avid reader. Globe-trotter.
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3 Responses to Same Same, But Different

  1. grandpatim21 says:

    Hey Jules – best post yet! My grandkids are learning these same lessons in Dubai. Folks are folks wherever you go. I’m so glad you took this chance to blossom!


  2. Nancy Menn says:

    Sweet words of truth!


  3. Great post! What a trip you’re having. Hard to believe that NYC, of all places, will probably seem tame after you return. Love you.


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