Angkor Wat – Prae Roup, Mebon, Ta Som, and Preah Khan

The sun had risen and more tourists began to arrive at Ta Prohm, so we were off! Our next stops were Prae Roup and Mebon. They are near one another and very similar in architectural style. Unlike Ta Prohm, which is in a forested area with low buildings, these two are on cleared tracts of land and massive towers rising into the sky in magnificent splendor.





Many of the temples have massive staircases in various states of ruin, but it was always well worth the trek to the top to get a bird’s-eye view.


Just look at that sky!


The hand carved detail, even worn away after centuries, was still beautiful

Ta Som is a shrine surrounded by a moat.  It was not the most impressive of the Angkor temples.


Thar she blows! I found the entry way and other bits leading up to the shrine much more interesting

IMG_0174 IMG_0180

Preah Khan is a vast complex full of hidden nooks and crannies. It also has parts crumbled down and consumed by nature. The trees here were just as impressive as those in Ta Prohm.


I came across hundreds of these little blessing towers in this temple. Yes, I left one myself.



The Eternal Flame pillar


IMG_0248 IMG_0264 IMG_0257

Stay tuned for a tour of my absolutely favorite temple – Bayon.

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1 Response to Angkor Wat – Prae Roup, Mebon, Ta Som, and Preah Khan

  1. Nancy says:

    Amazing ruins! Thanks for the great photos and explanations.


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