Angkor Wat – Bayon


This is the gate into Angkor Thom – the large complex with many various temples and palaces, the most famous of which is Bayon – the rising temple of the many faces.


This was far and away my favorite temple out of all Angkor Wat. There was something in the energy of the place that reached out to my soul and meditating there was quite a warming experience.


Each of the towers has a graven image facing the four cardinal directions.



I loved Bayon so much I went back on my last day even though it was rainy and overcast. I got drenched but it was so worth it; there was hardly anyone there, and I went around closing time and got to see the coolest exodus of wild monkeys. I thought they were going into the temple to sleep for the night, but they were actually cutting through and heading to the forest. There were hundreds and seeing their interactions up close was super cool.



The monkeys weren’t afraid of people – they were used to getting fed which often led to unhealthy, fat, and sickly monkeys


Sometimes you just need to take a breather

When I go back to Cambodia, I would get a one day pass just to go back to beautiful Bayon.


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1 Response to Angkor Wat – Bayon

  1. Nancy says:

    I love the shot of the old monkey sitting and resting his/her bones.


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