Waterfall Adventures

A definite highlight of my trip was getting to see so many waterfalls.  It wasn’t the rainy season so they often weren’t running in full glory, but they provided some of my most blissfully peaceful memories.

This is the waterfall in Pai:


My own natural foot spa


Not a bad view 😉

This was near Chiang Mai:


I love how peaceful all the waterfalls are – surrounded by nature, lots of vibrant foliage – it was my perfect haven


While I didn’t really enjoy Laos, they did have the most spectacular waterfall – or rather, a series of waterfalls. Kuang Si Falls are famous, and for good reason. I’ve never seen more beautiful water in my life.  And if you were still enough, fish would come and nibble on your feet!


IMG_6746 IMG_6752

There were at least seven different leveled sections, and the top of the waterfall was up a mini mountain. Of course we had to trek to the top!


This was the head – all the way at the tippy top


The water was surprisingly tranquil at the top of the Falls.


Breathtaking View


And a friendly reminder not to climp 😛

In Cambodia, there is supposed to be a magnificent waterfall which is part of the Angkor Wat tours. As we were already taking a tuk-tuk out to the Lady Temple, we decided to stop at the waterfall as well.  The hike up was nice, but when I got to the fall…


I was not amused.

However, there was an even better surprise waiting for me…


So while I didn’t get a waterfall, I got amazing butterfly interactions. I meditated while waiting for Mania to make the hike up the trail, and there was one butterfly that kept coming and resting on me 🙂


Even just reminiscing about my times at these waterfalls makes my heart feel peaceful.

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3 Responses to Waterfall Adventures

  1. So much beautiful nature.


  2. Nancy says:

    what is climping? The butterflies look like little golden leaves! Great photos, videos and post.


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