Exploring Abel Tasman

On what turned out to be the last day of good weather for quite some time, I did my first proper tramp – a chunk of the Abel Tasman Track; from Torrent Bay back down to Sandy Bay

I drove in the morning to Sandy Bay where I caught a water taxi up to Torrent Bay. It was stunning weather and we also got a bit of a tour – saw Split Apple Rock and some baby seals. I love cruising around by speed boat 🙂

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Southward, ho!

I was catching the 8am ferry from Wellington to Picton via the Cooke Straight, so I drove into the outskirts of Wellington around 6.30am. There are two companies that make the crossing, InterIslander and BlueBridge. I opted for BlueBridge as it was a whole $5 cheaper 😛 The crossing takes about 3hrs in good weather, and there’s even a movie theatre on board. I would’ve been tempted to watch Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them if I hadn’t already seen it in theatres, but the lure of some stunning natural landscapes kept me on deck.


Wellington Harbour 🙂

The weather was perfect, and I saw a pod of dolphins skimming along their merry way. When we got to the land formations of Queen Charlotte Sound, while the weather wasn’t inclement,  there were all these low-lying clouds around the spikes of earth jutting from the sea and the effect while hauntingly beautiful. A Kiwi who does the crossing often mentioned it was a unique day – you could do the crossing every day for ten years and never see it do this. IMG_8926


One thing about New Zealand for sure – the sky is stupid beautiful!

I’d been planning on helping with the first vintage of some folks I’d met back on Waiheke who had started a vineyard in Blenheim. I stayed in their gorgeous little sleep out and did A LOT of wine tasting around Marlborough. It was delicious and educational 🙂 However, the fruit was taking longer than expected to ripen, so I continued on my journey with a view of swinging back around when the fruit finally ripened.

[Truth is, I never made it back because it took weeks for the grapes to ripen to the right level and I wanted to see the South Island before it got too cold. About a month after I left they were able to harvest a respectable sum for the first harvest and for such terrible weather and I expect a decent Pinot Noir from there in the years to come.]

I took a scenic, winding drive up past Picton and stayed the night at a little hostel that offered free kayaking and was next to the Queen Charlotte Track. It’s one of NZ’s Great Walks and I did about 45 minutes of it the first night – it was terrifically muddy in places and I hadn’t yet found proper trekking shoes. I did come across a wild/escapee goat on the trail. While I didn’t bring my camera with me kayaking, we came across hundreds of little jelly fish – none bigger than my hand and most quite a bit smaller. They didn’t look like they had tentacles, and it was a really cool phenomenon to see so many all at once.

The next day, on my way towards Nelson, I stopped by the Pelorus River – made famous as the Barrel Scene in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

(And yes, I TOTALLY pretended I was an archer elf 🙂 Sadly, I was traveling solo at this point so didn’t have anyone to document my nerdy-awesomeness.)

I spent the afternoon in Nelson. It’s a cute little town but easily done in a day. I happened across their weekly market day,  explored a cathedral, and took a stroll through a lovely garden. The weather was cold and drizzly, but I didn’t want to head to my campsite so early in the afternoon, so I hunted out the local cinema and an afternoon viewing of Kong: Skull Island. It was, as I’d predicted, delightfully entertaining – a great way to spend a less than accommodating afternoon.

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I then proceeded to the campsite I’d picked for the night, just on the outskirts of Nelson. To my consternation, I couldn’t find the bloody place! I’d followed GPS but it took me somewhere that was definitely NOT a place I could legally car-camp overnight. Thankfully, I was able to look up another site that was less than hour’s drive away, free, AND had a bbq! As it was slightly nearer to where I needed to be the next day (Abel Tasman), I turned Shadowfax further West…

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Let’s Talk Rugby

I have never been into sports. I never understood the appeal, and anytime I tried to watch American sports (football, soccer, baseball, basketball), I was bored to tears. I found them, on the whole, to be unnecessarily dragged out and lacking in action. American Football in particular has more stopping and debating (not to mention commercial breaks!) than play. The one time I saw any live sporting event not dealing with horses was when my Mom and Aunt brought me to the local baseball game, and, full disclosure here, I went hoping to score a brat from the brat cannon (True story – I did. And. It. Was. Epic. Ask me about it in person – I’ll re-enact it for you). But, if I recall correctly, we even left from there early as it just kept going and going. So, to sum up, sports are not my thing.

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North Island Road Trip – Part 2

After leaving the redwood forests and thermal springs of Rotorua behind, I headed East.

New Zealand is a wonderful country for many reasons, not least of which is the long roads and beautiful scenery. I love to drive, and NZ gives me my fix. I have several cool apps (Wikicamps and YHA NZ Travel) that, through their various filters, recommend fun sites/points of interest along your route. That’s how I found this little gypsy coffee cart in the middle of a practically deserted highway running along a river valley. Continue reading

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North Island Road Trip – Part 1

Living and working on Waiheke for the summer was great, but by the time March rolled around I was itching to get out and explore this beautiful country. I bid adieu and hit the road, with a tag-along companion in tow!

Michael and I were taking the same ferry to Auckland so I offered him a lift. As we were then heading in the same direction, it made more sense to travel together – and I really lucked out with my first road tripping side kick. Not only did he hold my phone and navigate, but we we had good conversation, and he actively ENJOYED my belting along with the tunes. It was great that we had the same taste in music – he even put the Shrek Broadway soundtrack on!

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Once in a Lifetime

When I traveled to Asia for four months back in 2015, my mother kept saying it was a “once in a lifetime opportunity.” My combative nature and I were like, “Why does it have to be once in a lifetime? Why can’t this be my life?” And about a year after that, I left New York for good and moved to New Zealand.


Bye Bye, ‘Murica!

I remember quite clearly how difficult the first 2-3 weeks were. I battle anxiety and depression, and moving to a completely new country with no friends, no job, no real plan of what I was going to do was incredibly stressful, and I didn’t give enough weight to the enormity of the task I had thrust myself into. I would curl up on my hostel bunk and cry because I was so overwhelmed and scared. I kept putting myself out there, trying to stay active with day trips, but it was difficult to enjoy myself.


Like Asia, NZ also has some pretty cool trees.

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Let’s Talk About Food

While things have been going smoothly since landing in Wellington, the past few days I’ve been constantly reminded that I am, in fact, not a Kiwi born and bred. This all came about due to my desire for pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.



I love these cookies and make them often in the winter as they’re warm, fluffy, and utterly delicious. As we’re going into winter down here, my body was like, “Time for pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, Julia!”, so off to the store I went.

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My Kiwi Kristmas

I’ve had many wonderful and unique experiences since moving to New Zealand, but one that was an absolutely novel delight was experiencing a SUMMER Christmas! img_6907 Continue reading

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Lessons of a Twentysomething Millennial

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard some variation on “People grow so much between 18 and 25.” You can know something without really knowing itFor example, I knew moving to NYC would be hard. I had no clue what that actually meant until I moved there and experienced it for myself. Similarly, the years between 18 and 25 were just some vague notion that something might happen and I’d become a different person. Something in those 7 years would somehow, miraculously, Make Me An Adult.  Continue reading

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So Long, Farewell, Aufedersein, Goodbye

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. It was a massive undertaking leaving behind my life in NYC – my world for the last 7 years. Packing up an entire apartment and putting on a solo concert certainly strained my resources to the max, but I came out all the better for the stress and hard work. I not only blew others away with the concert, but I surprised myself. I hadn’t performed in several years, but my voice has never been better and I was able to sing pieces I’ve longed to sing for some time but didn’t have the power or finesse to pull off even two years ago. This project was a huge reminder that even if you don’t feel/think you’re ready, just take the first baby step, then the next, and eventually everything works out and you’ll be so glad you tried!


The happy face of triumph

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